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Bible Term: Old Testament

The Bible is a book of books, 66 books* altogether, written over a period of hundreds of years by many different authors. These 66 books are divided into two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Old Testament contains 39 books** and addresses the formation, existence, and demise of the nation of Israel, the time frame prior to the life of Jesus. The Old Testament books are categorized as follows:

For a good summary of the Old Testament, see Acts 7:2-46; Acts 13:17-23 is even more concise. Also, see the overview of books in the Old Testament.

Here is a list of the books in the Old Testament:

* The Roman Catholic Church includes additional books in their Old Testament. See Apocrypha for more information.

**The Hebrew Bible includes the same writings of the 39 Old Testament books but combine some books together, resulting in 24 books.

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