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Peter DeHaan Encourages Others to Read and Study the Bible

A Bible A Day is written and published by Peter DeHaan, A lifelong student of the Bible, Peter DeHaan wrote the 700-page website ABibleADay.com to encourage people to explore the Bible, the greatest book ever written.

His weekly newsletter, “Spiritually Speaking,” with a growing circulation, discusses biblical spirituality, often with a postmodern twist. Each week he keeps the discussion going with multiple posts to his blog.

Peter DeHaan earned a PhD degree from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, conferred on June 15, 2012, awarded “with high distinction” and endorsed by Canterbury Christ Church University, England. He also has an MBA and PhD in business administration from Kennedy-Western University.

In addition to numerous articles, his Haiku, “Why I Write” was a top-twenty winner for Imagine This! An ArtPrize Anthology. His personal essay, “The Seven Transformations of Peter DeHaan,” is part of The Transformation Project anthology.  And he has two short stories in Christmas Presence: “Best Christmas Ever” and “Our Future Hope.” He also won an award with his piece, “How I Found Jesus.”

Peter’s writing career spans three decades, having published hundreds of articles and authored four academic works, with multiple blogs and a growing number of books. He is a member of Word Weavers, American Christian Writers, and Platform University. He cofounded the Kalamazoo Christian Writers critique group. Peter gives back to the writing community with his writer’s blog, Byline.

Vocationally, Peter is president of Peter DeHaan Publishing, Inc., which he launched in 2001. There he is publisher and editor-in-chief of the print publication Connections Magazine, the e-zine AnswerStat, e-newsletters TAS Trader and Medical Call Center News, and several informational websites, including Article Weekly.

Peter lives in Southwest Michigan with his bride of three decades. They have two married children and three amazing grandchildren. Peter is an avid reader and podcast consumer. A movie buff who enjoys nature walks, Peter celebrates both as sensory experiences that feed his inner muse.

Peter DeHaan’s main website contains information and links to his blogs, newsletter, and social media pages.








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Exploring the Biblical Narrative with Peter DeHaan

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