The Book of Jeremiah in the BibleThe book of Jeremiah is so named because it contains the prophecies of Jeremiah. The book also provides a great deal of information about Jeremiah’s life and person. As a result, we know more about Jeremiah than any other prophet.

Jeremiah’s messages were not well received, and as a result he was shamefully mistreated by his countrymen who viewed his words as traitorous. They imprisoned him and forcibly carried him off to Egypt where he may have died a martyr.

A basic outline of the book of Jeremiah is:

Prophecies about Judah and Jerusalem (chapters 1-25)

Biographical narratives about Jeremiah (chapters 26-45)

Prophecies about other nations (chapters 46-51)

Historical reference (chapter 52)

When reading Jeremiah be aware that the book is not in chronological order.

The book of Lamentations, which follows Jeremiah, is often attributed to Jeremiah and viewed as a companion piece.

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