A Bible A Day for Spiritual Health

A Bible A Day to promote spiritual well-being and growth

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Just as good daily nutrition is required for physical health, regular Bible reading is needed for spiritual well-being. That’s why we recommend A Bible A Day.

What if I told you I had a good friend, but I never hung out with him, never called him, and never read his emails. You’d wonder if we were really friends and question our relationship.

In the same way, many people say Jesus is their friend. Yet they never hang out with him (meditate), never call (pray), and never read his email (the Bible). You’d wonder if Jesus is truly important to them and their life.

A Bible A Day for spiritual health and well being

The purpose of this website is to aid in Bible reading, study, and mediation. We want to encourage you in exploring the greatest book ever written, by providing reading guides and resources to aid in your daily reading and study, in order to produce spiritual health and well-being.

Bible Reading Plans:

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