Bible Term: Jesus

Jesus is God who came to earth as a man.

The purpose of Jesus’ coming to earth was to die in place of all of us for the wrongs we have done. In essence, he paid our fine and did our time — so we won’t have to. If we accept this act of Jesus’, it makes us right with God the Father, thereby allowing us to serve him now and be with him for eternity. It’s easy to accept this gift (it’s free) and start on a journey with Jesus. Jesus simply said, “Come, follow me,” (Mark 1:17).

After Jesus died, he rose from the dead, thereby overcoming death, and waits for his followers to join him in heaven.

The Bible sometimes calls him “Jesus of Nazareth” or “Jesus the son of Joseph.” Jesus referred to himself as the Son of man. Son of God is another apt title, which others used for him, but which Jesus seldom used himself, because doing so would inflame the religious leaders who would charge him with blasphemy and prematurely execute him. Later, when the time was right, they did execute him (Luke 23:33).

Jesus, along with the Father and Holy Spirit, make up the Trinity.

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