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Bible Term: Bible

The Bible, or Holy Bible, is God’s written word to us. It is from God and, if we let it, it can teach us, correct us, and train us in godliness (2 Timothy 3:16). The purpose of this website is to encourage people to regularly read the Bible, the greatest book ever written.

The Bible is actually a collection of books, written by various authors over a period of several hundred years. Think of the Bible as a diverse anthology of godly communication.

It contains historic accounts, poetry, letters of instruction and encouragement, messages from God sent through his emissaries (prophets), and future prophecies.

Altogether, the Bible contains 66 books. (See Apocrypha for more informatio.)

The Bible is grouped into two main sections. The Old Testament contains 39 books* that precede and anticipate Jesus. The New Testament contains 27 books that cover Jesus’ life and the work of his followers.

Also see Scripture.

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