The book of Esther is a rich and intriguing story of obedience, duty, risk, and love. It centers on the Jewish girl Esther (her Hebrew name was Hadassah).

The book of Esther in the BibleThis book paints a powerful and compelling picture of how one person can make a difference – a huge difference. Especially noteworthy, is that she did this in a male-dominated society and from a position of forced expatriation.

Unfortunately, not everyone embraces the book of Esther, as it is more secular (that is, less spiritual) than other parts of the Bible, and it does not directly mention God. However, much can be inferred from this story about God’s providence and protection. It also showcases an example of serving him, regardless the cost or risk.

The Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates Esther’s bravery and the Jew’s deliverance from the evil Haman.

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