The Book of Nehemiah in the bibleThe book of Nehemiah is one of the historical books in the Old Testament.

Chronologically, Nehemiah picks up slightly after the book of Ezra and over a century after the conclusion of Second Kings and Second Chronicles. The books of Esther and Daniel give us some insight into what happened during this time, when the people lived in Babylonian captivity.

Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem. In addition to heading up a building project, Nehemiah also became the leader of a group of returning expatriates, a project manager, a military strategist, a spokesperson for God, a spiritual leader, and he ended up being governor. As such, Nehemiah was an extraordinary man who was called by God to do many things for which he had no skill or training. Yet by relying and depending on God, Nehemiah was exceedingly successful. At each step, Nehemiah sought God, was led by him, and obeyed him.

(Ezra was a contemporary of Nehemiah and led in the rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem and restoring worship.)

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