The Book of Revelation the Bible The book of Revelation was written by John, most likely the disciple John (who also wrote the John, First John, Second John, and Third John. Revelation is about the apocalypse. Revelation is the second apocalyptic book in the Bible; the first is Daniel.

The book starts with an introduction in chapter one, laying the foundation for the rest of the book.

Chapters 2 and 3 contain seven visions or messages for the churches in seven cities. There strengths, weaknesses, struggles, and triumphs are illustrative to all Jesus‘ followers.

The remaining chapters (4 through 22) paint an imaginative and vivid picture of the end times, showcasing the power, majesty, and awesome might of God the Father and his Son, Jesus. This should be our primary focus when reading this passage.

Although much time and effort has been given to study and interpret the meaning of these chapters and how close we might be to the end of the world, the Bible makes it quite clear that this is not for us to know (Acts 1:7). Therefore, read these chapters for the joy they provides, the awe they elicit, and the hope they offer.

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