The Book of John in the BibleThe book of John, named after its author, is one of the four Gospels, biographies that focus on the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

While the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke bear many nearly identical accounts and narratives, John, is the most different of the four Gospels; it contains the fewest similarities and the most unique passages. This is not to suggest the book of John is of lesser value. In fact, its divergence from the other three accounts of the life of Jesus highlight its uniqueness and the value of its contents.

The Gospel of John is respected and revered for its spiritual significance. Therefore, many people recommend John as one of the first books of the Bible for a new follower of Jesus to read, as it lays out profound truths and principles that are not found in the other three books about the life of Jesus.

As you read the book of John, look for the word believe, which occurs upwards of eighty times, depending on the translation.

The author of this book is most likely the disciple John, one of the sons of Zebedee; he is also the generally accepted author of First John, Second John, Third John, and Revelation. Note that this John (the apostle or disciple John) is not John the Baptist, who is mentioned in the opening chapters of this book; they are two different people.

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