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Biblical People: Salome

Salome is a follower of Jesus, one of several women who help support him and his ministry.

She’s also one of a small group of women who are brave enough to attempt to embalm Jesus’s body after he’s crucified. But they don’t get to do this because he’s already risen from the dead by the time they arrive at his tomb.

Of the four biographers of Jesus, only Mark mentions Salome, though Luke may implicitly include her with the phrase “and many others.” What is clear is that a group of women provide key assistance to Jesus and his squad, offering both money and food.

Salome, one of these women, receives only one brief mention of her critical involvement in Jesus’s work here on earth and for her desire to respect his body after his execution. 

Receiving minimal recognition, however, doesn’t diminish the key role she plays. 

We may not receive credit here on earth for the things we do for Jesus, but that doesn’t make our actions and sacrifices any less significant.

[Discover more about Salome in Mark 15:40–41, Mark 16:1, and Luke 8:3.]

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