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Biblical People: Mary (4) the Mother of James and Joseph

There are many women named Mary in the New Testament of the Bible. One is identified by the names of her boys: Mary, the mother of James and Joseph. This Mary is one of a handful of women noted for following Jesus and caring for his needs. Like Salome, Joanna, and Susanna, we acknowledge Mary’s key role in Jesus’s ministry.

Referring to her as Mary the mother of James and Joseph may clarify her to first-century audiences, but it doesn’t help us much today, as we can only speculate who her sons are. However, it’s reasonable to assume her sons are noteworthy in the early church, which is commendable to her for raising godly boys.

Our children may be our biggest and most important legacy. May we do everything possible to raise them into godly men and women.

[Discover more about this Mary in Matthew 27:55–56, Mark 15:40–41, Mark 16:1, and Luke 24:1–11.]

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