Biblical People

Biblical People: The Wife of Pilate

A key player in Jesus’s execution is the governor, Pilate. The religious leaders, jealous because of Jesus’s growing popularity and his influence over the people, take him to Pilate. They ask for his approval to kill Jesus.

Pilate, aware of their motives, wants to free Jesus, but the leaders stir up the crowd and a riot threatens to erupt. As Pilate considers what to do, his wife sends him a cryptic message, confirming Jesus’s innocence and warning Pilate to not have anything to do with him. She implies Pilate will endure great personal suffering if he isn’t careful.

Unable to control the crowd and unwilling to stand up to them, Pilate dismisses his wife’s sage warning and agrees to let them kill Jesus. He could have stopped them, but he didn’t.

Our spouses, family, and close friends can help us avoid trouble and not make wrong decisions. Are we willing to listen?

[Discover more about Pilate’s wife in Matthew 27:11–26.]

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