We Have Two Swords

In the Bible, Dr. Luke records the scene: Jesus is eating his final meal with his followers.  He is sharing some parting words when he makes a perplexing remark about buying swords.

His disciples matter-of-factly reply that they have two swords.

Did you catch that?  Jesus’ disciples have swords!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never envisioned Jesus’ band of followers as wielding weapons.  Although I’ve seen many paintings of them, along with many more movies, never once did I notice a disciple with a saber strapped at his waist.  The whole idea seems a bit shocking, yet at a time when Jesus tells them to get a sword, they already have two.

If I were picking people to start a movement with, I’d certainly eliminate anyone brandishing a blade.

Yet, Jesus’ criteria is different.  He accepts his followers as they are — with issues, baggage, problems — and swords.

[Luke 22:35-38]

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