Awesome Love

The word love is overused and misused.  Consider the following:

  • I love my wife.
  • I love my house.
  • I love pizza.
  • I love that movie.
  • I love to take nature walks.
  • I’d love to attend.

Love, then, can mean anything from complete devotion to a slight preference — and everywhere in between.  As such, when love is used, it takes on a vague connotation, expressing a feeling that is open to wide interpretations.

Another overused and misused word is awesome.  Its usage also takes on a full gambit of meaning, from being completely amazed to expressing a slight preference.

Awesome literally means to be worthy of awe.  Awe is defined as an inspired mixture of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder.

Given that, it seems to be that only God is truly worthy of our awe — and therefore only God is awesome.

Couple true awesomeness with the ultimate, perfect form of love and one could conclude that God’s love for us is awesome!

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