Biblical People

Biblical People: The Woman Who Lost Her Coin

Jesus shares a story to instruct the people.

There’s a woman who has ten pieces of silver. She misplaces one of them. You’d think she’d be more careful, but she wasn’t. Due to her negligence, she loses 10 percent of her funds. This isn’t a paper loss when the stock market drops. This is real money. One-tenth of her wealth is gone.

Panicked, she lights a lamp and carefully searches the floor. To her relief, she finds the lost coin. She lets everyone know about her good fortune, and they share in her delight. She even throws a party.

Then Jesus makes his point. There’s an even greater celebration when someone turns their life around to follow God.

How excited do we get when someone decides to follow Jesus?

[Discover more about the woman who lost her coin in Luke 15:8–10.]

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