Biblical People

Biblical People: The Persistent Widow

Later Jesus uses another story to instruct the people about God and prayer. 

This time he tells them of a widow who has received unfair treatment. She goes to the judge seeking justice. But the unscrupulous judge ignores her appeals for help. Despite him dismissing her, she keeps coming before him, over and over. She’s so intense that he begins to fear for his safety.

Eventually, she wears him down. 

Even though he cares nothing about her plight or doing what’s right, he decides to help her just so she’ll stop bugging him. In the end, he makes sure she receives the ruling she sought all along.

This, Jesus says, is an illustration to keep praying for what we need. If an unjust judge will answer a woman’s pleas, how much more will a just God answer ours?

Do we ask God once and stop, or are we persistent when we pray?

[Discover more about the persistent widow in Luke 18:1–8.]

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