Biblical People

Biblical People: Rhoda

Rhoda is present at the prayer meeting for Peter when he’s sitting in jail and facing execution. Rhoda is a servant, possibly of Mary (7) (mother of John Mark) at whose house the people have met to pray.

We gather that Rhoda is also a follower of Jesus, praying for Peter along with everyone else.

During the prayer meeting, there’s a knock on the door. As part of her duties, Rhoda goes to the door. Fearing for their safety, lest they’re arrested too, she asks who’s there. Peter identifies himself. 

Overjoyed at hearing his voice, Rhoda runs to tell everyone the good news that Peter is there, but she forgets to let him in.

The people, despite their intense prayers for Peter’s release, don’t believe God answered their request. Though they pray for a miracle, they fear the worst.

It’s only after Peter’s continued knocking that they let him in and discover the truth. Once they see him, they finally realize God’s amazing answer to their prayers.

Unlike the others present, Rhoda prays with expectation. Merely hearing Peter’s voice is all the evidence she needs. Everyone else doubts. Their faith may not be as strong as Rhoda’s.

When we pray, do we pray in faith with the expectation of answers or in doubt out of fear? Or is it okay for our prayers to have a mixture of belief and unbelief?

[Discover more about Rhoda in Acts 12:12–16.]

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