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Biblical People: Mary (7) the Mother of John Mark

In the book of Acts, we come across another Mary. The Bible clarifies her identity through the name of her son: John, also called Mark. Scripture sometimes uses both names, as in John Mark.

Peter is in prison, with his execution likely. Mary—risking imprisonment herself if she’s discovered—bravely holds a prayer meeting for Peter at her home.

God answers the prayers of the believers, and an angel escorts Peter from the prison. Peter heads to Mary’s house, expecting to find some of his friends gathered there. They welcome him and celebrate God’s goodness.

Though we can only assume, John Mark, witnesses his mother’s faith in action and God’s supernatural answer to their prayers. What we do know is that John Mark later helps tell other people about Jesus.

Though his first effort with Barnabas and Paul ends prematurely, he finishes strong. Many people credit him as the author of the book of Mark.

Children watch what we do and say. What are they learning from us?

[Discover more about John Mark’s mother, Mary, in Acts 12:12–16.]

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