Biblical People

Biblical People: The Maid of Judith

The story of Judith’s bravery is inspiring. Although it is Judith who perfectly executes her daring plan, she does not go alone. Her maid accompanies her, taking as much risk as Judith. Consider the role of Judith’s maid.

First, she summons the town’s officials, demanding they come to talk to Judith. Next, she goes with Judith to the enemy, allowing them to be captured and taken into the heart of the enemy camp.

Then she stands to watch outside the tent while Judith kills Holofernes inside. Last, she carries his severed head as they make their escape in the middle of the night.

Though Judith’s maid did not volunteer for this assignment, she does everything she’s told to do. Without her help, the outcome of Judith’s mission would be in doubt.

After their safe return, the trouncing of their enemy, gathering up the spoils, and the lengthy celebration that follows, Judith rewards her maid by granting her freedom.

Sometimes we have little choice in the things we must do, but we do have a choice in how well we do them. Judith’s maid acquits herself well and receives a reward for her bravery and her actions.

When tasked with an unpleasant or even risky undertaking, do we try to get out of it, or do we do our best to succeed?

[Discover more about Judith’s maid in Judith 8:10, Judith 10:10–12, Judith 13:2, 9, and Judith 16:23 in The New Jerusalem Bible, Common English Bible (CEB), and New American Bible (NAB). For more information, see “Bonus Material: The Full Picture.”]

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