Biblical People

Biblical People: Elizabeth

Childless, Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah, are getting old. Their chance to have kids is slim. Still, they pray for the improbable. Despite not receiving what they yearn for, their faith remains strong. They’re a righteous couple who honor God. 

One day at work, an angel shows up and promises Zechariah that he and Elizabeth will finally have a son—not just any son but a special one. He is to be set apart for service to God, the Holy Spirit will empower him, and he will spark a nationwide revival. 

They are to name him John.

Elizabeth does indeed get pregnant. In her sixth month, Mary—who is also expecting—comes for a visit. Inside Elizabeth, baby John jumps for joy at the sound of Mary’s voice. Then the Holy Spirit comes upon Elizabeth and she prophecies, blessing Mary and her unborn child.

When John is born, Elizabeth and Zechariah’s friends and family celebrate with them. They praise God and share in Elizabeth’s joy for finally having a baby.

Elizabeth and Zechariah prayed for a child even when it no longer made sense. God answered their prayers by giving them a son named John. We call him John the Baptist.

Are we willing to pray for the impossible? Will we patiently wait for God’s answer?

[Discover more about Elizabeth in Luke 1:5–60.]

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