Biblical People

Biblical People: Deborah (2)

Though called a judge, Deborah is primarily a prophetess, a person who hears from God and proclaims his words to others. She is the only female judge in the Bible.

Deborah receives a prophetic message for Barak. 

Through her, God commands him to raise an army and attack their enemy. God even promises that Barak will prevail, but he balks. He won’t do it unless Deborah goes with him. She consents.

However, she prophesies that because of his reluctance, the honor of killing the enemy’s leader, Sisera, will go to a woman. While we may assume this woman is Deborah, it’s another woman, Jael. Even so, Deborah receives more credit than Barak for the victory. 

Deborah lives in a male-dominated society. Yet, when a man doesn’t do what he is supposed to, she steps forward and acts. We commend her for her faith and her bravery.

Are we willing to step in when others are afraid to?

[Discover more about Judge Deborah in Judges 4–5.]

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By Peter DeHaan

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