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Biblical People: Aksah

Caleb is one of the twelve spies sent to scope out the land the nation of Israel plans to conquer, but he is only one of two men who bring back a positive report.

For his ability to look beyond the strength of the peoples they need to overcome and for his confidence in God’s ability to provide, he is assured a reward when the people take the land.

When they arrive, Caleb pledges to give his daughter Aksah in marriage to whoever captures the city of Kiriath Sepher. Othniel, who is also Caleb’s nephew, is up to the challenge, and he succeeds.

As promised, Caleb awards Aksah to Othniel, and the pair marry. Aksah and Othniel are first cousins.

Although we may be dismayed that Caleb offers his daughter as a prize, we can also see Aksah as a cherished woman, both by her father and the man who strives to win her. Sometimes things are a matter of perspective. 

What we might see as bad can also be good. Do we see things in a positive light or a negative one?

[Discover more about Aksah in Joshua 15:16–17, Judges 1:12–13, and 1 Chronicles 2:49.]

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