Their Eyes Were Opened

In the Bible, Doctor Luke records the interesting account of two disciples forlornly walking down the road after Jesus’ death — and after hearing the incredible report that he is no longer dead.  They are confused and dismayed.  Things with Jesus didn’t turn out as they expected — or wanted.  What did it all mean?  What were they to do next?

Then a third person joins them on their journey, asking what they are discussing.  They relate the recent events.  Then the stranger begins explaining what it all means — and how it was all predicted long before by the prophets.  Fascinated by what he is sharing, they invite him to supper, at which time “their eyes are opened” and they realize it is Jesus!

This idea also occurs much earlier in the Bible, in fact in Genesis.  As soon as Adam and Eve did precisely what they had been told not to do, their eyes were also opened — and they realize that they are naked.

Just as our eyes can be opened to the knowledge that we don’t measure up to God’s standard, our eyes can also be opened up to Jesus as the solution.

Are your eyes open?

[Luke 24:13-35 and Genesis 3:1-7]

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