A Servant of Jesus

In the post “Who is Jude?,” I speculated that Jude might be Jesus’ brother.  Aside from that, we only know one other thing about him.  Jude views himself simply as “a servant of Jesus.”

Today, in a time when religious people parade their titles and promote their education as if they were badges of godly distinction, someone who calls himself a servant would be shockingly countercultural.  When people introduce themselves as “Reverend,” “Bishop,” “Elder,” “Doctor,” “Prophet,” or my favorite, “Reverend-Doctor” so-and-so I wonder about their motives.

Who are they trying to impress?  Others?  God?  Or maybe it’s a futile attempt to convince themselves they are someone who they truly know they are not.

How refreshing it would be for someone to simply say that he or she is a servant of Jesus.  What a great and significant credential it would be, perhaps the best one possible.

I don’t think titles and degrees mean much to Jesus; he is looking for servants.  After all, Jesus himself said he came to serve.  Shouldn’t we — as his followers — do the same?

[Jude 1:1, Matthew 20:28]

By Peter DeHaan

Peter writes about biblical Christianity to confront status quo religion and make a faith that matters. Learn more at