Word Pictures of God and Our Relationship to God

In recent reflections, we have considered eight word pictures to give us insight into our relationship with God.  While none provides a complete picture, each does offer a glimpse into one facet of who God is. We looked at: God is a Potter and we are clay: He is molding us into his plan for … Continue reading Word Pictures of God and Our Relationship to God

A Fable to Consider

Consider the fable of six blind men encountering an elephant for the first time.  They have no comprehension of what an elephant is, forming their own understanding based on touch: The first, feels the animal’s side and says that an elephant is like a wall The second, feels the pachyderm’s legs, declaring it to be … Continue reading A Fable to Consider

God as a Potter

The Bible contains many word pictures that help us to understand better our relationship with God.  I have eight of them that I will share in the coming days.  Note that each offers but a partial picture into God’s character and none is all-encompassing, but they are highly illustrative.  Here is the first: God is … Continue reading God as a Potter

God as our Groom

The final word picture to help us better understand God, is perhaps the most startling and difficult to comprehend, even shocking. In this word picture, we consider him as the groom (the Bible often uses the word “bridegroom”) and us as his bride.  As followers of Jesus, that is, the Christ, we are even called … Continue reading God as our Groom

God is the Shepherd

In the fourth word picture for God, we consider the common image of God as the good shepherd and we as his sheep. God, as the good shepherd, is caring, protective, patient, brave, wise, sacrificial, and most significantly, knows us by name. Sheep, are known as being not too intelligent, easily getting into trouble and … Continue reading God is the Shepherd