Biblical People

Biblical People: Lois

Paul refers to Lois, Timothy’s grandmother, as having sincere faith in God. She passes this on to her daughter Eunice. Eunice, in turn, passes her beliefs on to her son Timothy.

While we don’t know if Timothy has any children to teach his faith to, we do know that in his role as a missionary and church leader, he influences many others to grow in theirs.

Lois instills her faith in her daughter, the most significant thing she can do. As a result, two generations later, her grandson travels around the area to help others grow in their trust in God.

Even if we only influence one person to grow in their faith, we have no idea who else they may help. The only way we influence no one—now or in the future—is if we keep our faith a secret. 

Who are we passing our faith to?

[Discover more about Lois in 2 Timothy 1:5.]

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