Biblical People

Biblical People: Junia

Next on his list, Paul says to say, “Hi,” to Andronicus and Junia. We know four things about this pair: they are Jewish, they are in prison, they are standout apostles, and they are Christians. One thing that’s not clear is if Junia is a man or a woman. 

Though it’s speculation, I think Junia is female, and she’s married to Andronicus. They are a team, a successful husband and wife missionary team.

What we can learn from Junia is that gender doesn’t matter, character does. Some people have names that mask their gender, voices that result in wrong assumptions, or even appearances that confuse them. 

Though others may assume wrong things about us, God focuses on our character and what we do.

Are we doing what God calls us to, regardless of what others think?

[Discover more about Junia in Romans 16:7.]

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