Biblical People

Biblical People: The Daughter of Herodias

The daughter of Herodias dances for her stepdad at his birthday party. We don’t know if she offers her performance or if Herod commands it. And we don’t know what kind of dance this is. Is it an innocent expression of joy or a suggestive display of sexuality?

What we do know is that her performance pleases everyone. So enamored, her stepdad promises her anything she wants.

Unsure of what to ask for, she seeks her mom’s advice, who coaches her on what to request: the head of John the Baptist. The daughter does what her Mom says, and Herod reluctantly follows through.

Herodias uses her daughter—who is innocent of wrongdoing—to bring about the death of her enemy.

Has someone ever used us to accomplish their selfish goals? What could we have done to avoid it?

[Discover more about Herodias’s daughter in Matthew 14:6–14 and Mark 6:21–28.]

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