Biblical People

Biblical People: Two Starving Women

In perhaps the most gut-wrenching story in the Bible, two women conspire to do the unthinkable. The city of Samaria is under siege. Supplies are scarce and food is running out. To survive, the people resort to eating whatever they can find, such as the head of a donkey or dove droppings. 

In their deep hunger, two women agree to a most depraved scheme: to eat their children. They cook and eat one woman’s son, but when it comes time to eat the other boy, his mom hides him. The first woman appeals to the king for justice. He can do nothing but lament their barbarism.

If only the women had waited. The next day the siege ends when the enemy abandons their blockade in a panic, leaving all their supplies behind.

There is plenty of food for everyone.

How often do we grow tired of waiting for God and do something rash? 

[Discover more about these two women in 2 Kings 6:24–31 and 2 Kings 7:1–16.]

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