Biblical People

Biblical People: The Daughters of Job

After Satan’s tormenting of the innocent Job, God restores what Satan took away, which includes all his possessions and his first set of seven sons and three daughters. In fact, God doubles Job’s wealth and gives him ten more kids: seven more sons and three more daughters. Though the sons’ names aren’t recorded in Scripture, the daughter’s names are: Jemimah, Keziah, and Keren-Happuch. The girls are heralded as the most beautiful in the land.

In mentioning them by name, the Bible honors Job’s girls, even at the risk of elevating them over their unnamed brothers. Even more so, Job goes against the conventional practice of the day, giving his daughters an inheritance along with their brothers. 

In doing so, Job reveals his heart and God’s perspective. This is even more remarkable, given that Job lives in a male-dominated society.

May we see things as God sees them. What might we do to further God’s perspective, even if it means challenging the status quo?

[Discover more about Job’s three daughters in Job 42:13–15.]

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