Biblical People

Biblical People: The Daughter of Pharaoh (1)

Pharaoh is not a name but a title for the king in Egypt. Therefore, there are many Pharaohs in the Bible and many daughters of Pharaoh. The first daughter of Pharaoh we encounter adopts baby Moses.

She finds him floating in the Nile River. Though she realizes he is a Hebrew baby and should be killed, she doesn’t turn him over. Instead, she keeps him as her own child.

She unwittingly pays his biological mother to nurse him, and when he is weaned she receives him back. She names him Moses, which means that she pulled him from the water.

We don’t know if she is a good mom or not, though when Moses is older, he doesn’t want to be called the son of the pharaoh’s daughter. What we do know about her, however, is she is compassionate.

Her actions save Moses and give the Hebrew people a leader to rescue them.

Do we live lives marked with compassion?

[Discover more about Pharaoh’s daughter in Exodus 2:5–10, Acts 7:21, and Hebrews 11:24.] 

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By Peter DeHaan

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