Biblical People

Biblical People: The Shulammite Woman

The Song of Songs records the delightful dalliance of two lovers, madly passionate for one another. They long to be together, inhaling each other’s scent, enjoying each other’s embrace, cuddling—and more—in each other’s bed. Nothing and no one will keep them apart. 

Their account, reminiscent of a screenplay, records only dialogue. It features the beloved, played by a captivating, but unnamed, Shulammite woman, and her lover, played by King Solomon.

Though noted for his many wives and concubines, none compares to the alluring lass from Shulam.

A careful reading of the story uncovers some provocative, poetic euphemisms for the sexual intimacy the two lovers desire. Some portions border on high-class erotica. Yet the Bible includes these passages for us to read.

How has society skewed our understanding of passion? What is God’s plan for sex and pleasure? Do we need to change our perspective? 

[Discover more about the woman from Shulam in Song of Songs.]

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