Biblical People

Biblical People: The Mother of Jabez

Though an entire book was later written about his prayer, we know little about Jabez from Scripture. The Bible only mentions him in two obscure verses, buried in a lengthy genealogy. We know even less about his mother, not even her name.

We do know his birth is difficult, and the name she gives him reflects the physical pain his arrival caused. This is all we know about her.

However, we can infer more of her traits from the character of her son. Jabez is an honorable man, more honorable than others. We also know he has a deep connection with God, for when Jabez prays a bold prayer, God answers it.

We can implicitly connect these qualities with his mother, the woman who raised him. Surely Jabez’s mother is a godly woman who teaches her son how to live an honorable life, follow God, and to pray with effectiveness.

What more can a mother give to her son?

What can we do to raise godly, honorable, faithful children?

[Discover more about Jabez’s mother in 1 Chronicles 4:9–10.]

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