Biblical People

Biblical People: Joash (7)

Young, orphaned Joash lives in the temple for six years, where his nurse cares for him. He’s hiding from the queen, his murderous, power-hungry grandmother.

The priest is Joash’s uncle, Jehoiada, the husband of Jehosheba. We can envision the priest teaching and guiding his young nephew.

When Joash turns seven, Jehoiada anoints the boy as the rightful king of Judah and orders the death of the queen. Though this sounds like a coup, it serves to reestablish the rightful rule by putting the former king’s son into power.

Under Jehoiada’s influence, Joash rules well. 

But after Jehoiada dies, Joash falters. This may be why officials in his court conspire against him and assassinate him. This is a sad legacy to his once-promising start. His son, Amaziah, succeeds him as king.

Though Joash’s forty-year reign as king of Judah began well, he didn’t finish well.

Are we willing to listen to those who advise us? Is there someone we can guide to make God-honoring decisions?

[Read Joash’s story in 2 Kings 11–12.]

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