Biblical People

Biblical People: Jehosheba

At great personal risk, probably execution, Jehosheba takes bold action to keep her nephew Joash from being killed by his evil grandmother, who has seized power and is wiping out the royal family.

Jehosheba likely has little time to consider her actions when she rescues Joash from among the royal princes who are about to be killed. 

Jehosheba hides Joash and his nurse in the temple for six years. When Joash is seven, he’s crowned king and his power-hungry grandmother is slain. The people rejoice and peace returns, all because of the boy-king and his aunt who made it possible.

Jehosheba plays a decisive role in protecting the rightful heir to the throne, keeping him alive so that he could one day rule and restore peace to the land.

Sometimes we must react quickly, with little time to analyze the situation. May we all be like Jehosheba, who acted decisively to do the right thing without concern for her own wellbeing.

What do we need to do regardless of the personal risk?

[Discover more about Jehosheba in 2 Kings 11:2 and 2 Chronicles 22:11.]

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