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Biblical People: Jehoshaphat (3)

Jehoshaphat is the great-great-grandson of King Solomon. Though Solomon’s father David ruled well as a man after God’s own heart, Solomon’s heart was divided and many succeeding kings in their family line did more evil than good.

Jehoshaphat is an exception. 

Scripture calls him a good king, just like his father Asa. He follows his father’s example and doesn’t stray from how his dad raised him.

During Jehoshaphat’s twenty-five-year reign, his country, Judah, experiences a time of peace with the nation of Israel. Although Jehoshaphat allies himself with Israel’s evil king Ahab in conducting a joint military campaign, God doesn’t criticize Jehoshaphat for doing so.

Overall, the Bible characterizes Jehoshaphat as someone who does what is right in God’s eyes. Yet this doesn’t mean he does everything he should have. No one does. 

Despite ruling with wisdom and following God, Jehoshaphat fails to remove the high places where the people go to offer sacrifices and burn incense, contrary to God’s command.

Though we could fault Jehoshaphat for this one failure, remember that the Bible characterizes him as doing what is right. This is his legacy.

Do we judge others on what they do right or what they do wrong? As Asa did with Jehoshaphat, what are we doing to train the next generation to follow God?

[Read Jehoshaphat’s story in 1 Kings 22. Discover more in Matthew 1:1–8.]

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