Biblical People

Biblical People: Japheth

We’ve covered Noah’s sons Shem and Ham. Now we’ll look at the third, Japheth.

Of the three boys, the Bible tells us the least about Japheth, though we know that Japheth, along with Shem, acts with integrity to cover his father’s drunken nakedness. And we know that Noah blesses Japheth for his action. 

That’s it.

Though Scripture gives us Japheth’s family tree, it’s a brief one, shorter than the lists of his brothers’ lineage. In scanning the record of Japheth’s descendants, no familiar names pop up.

As far as the biblical account is concerned, Japheth and his family disappear from its pages.

What can we do to live a life that honors God? What can we do to encourage our descendants to do the same thing and, as a result, preserve our lineage for God’s glory? 

[Read about Japheth and his brothers in Genesis 9:18–27. Discover Japheth’s family tree in Genesis 10:2–5.]

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