Biblical People

Biblical People: Geshem

The final member in the trio of opposition to Nehemiah is Geshem, an Arab.

Once Nehemiah finishes rebuilding the walls, but before he can set the gates, Sanballat and Geshem send Nehemiah a message, imploring him to meet with them.

Nehemiah realizes this is a ploy. He knows they want to hurt him, possibly even kill him, so he declines. Four times they send him this message, and four times he says, “No.”

The fifth time, Sanballat and Geshem send Nehemiah the same message via a courier, along with an unsealed letter. In it, they accuse Nehemiah of inciting a revolution and trying to set himself up as king. Sanballat states that Geshem can confirm these charges are true. 

In their desperation to stop Nehemiah, Geshem libels him, stating outright lies as truth.

What should we do when others attack our character? What is a God-honoring way to respond when people lie about us? 

[Read Geshem’s story in Nehemiah 2:19 and 6:1–7.]

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