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Biblical People: Felix

Felix is a Roman governor in Caesarea. His jurisdiction is the next stop for Paul and his legal ordeal as a prisoner for telling others about Jesus. 

In response to a threat against Paul’s life, a Roman centurion moves Paul from Jerusalem to the garrison in Caesarea. Felix leaves Paul behind bars until his accusers arrive to present their case.

Five days later Ananias (3) shows up, along with some of the other religious leaders and their attorney, Tertullus. Paul’s trial is convened, and Tertullus presents their case.

He gives misinformation and accuses Paul of various crimes, but he offers no proof, though the Jewish leaders who came with Tertullus agree with everything he says.

Next Paul presents his defense, but he doesn’t dissuade Felix.

He could release Paul—since the charges brought against him have no merit—but instead Felix keeps him in jail, hoping for a bribe. Two years later, when Felix leaves his post as governor, Paul still languishes in prison.

How often does our love for money keep us from doing what is right?

[Discover more about Felix in Acts 23:25–24:27 and Acts 25:14.]

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