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Biblical People: Epaphras

Another associate of Paul’s is Epaphras. We don’t know much about him. His name only appears three times in the Bible, all of which are in two of Paul’s letters: one to the church in Colossae and the other to his friend Philemon.

Yet, packed in these three verses is much insight into the godly character of Epaphras.

We learn that Epaphras is from Colossae. He teaches the people there about Jesus and encourages them to grow in their faith.

Paul affirms Epaphras as a cherished servant and faithful minister of Jesus, part of Paul’s squad. These are both significant characteristics, but there’s more.

Epaphras is also a prayer warrior for his people. Paul notes that Epaphras wrestles in prayer for them. His prayers aren’t just occasionally or often, but Paul says that Epaphras always prays for them.

He prays to God that the church in Colossae will stand firm, obey God’s will, and be mature and fully assured in their faith.

Not only does Epaphras work hard for the church in Colossae but also for the churches in Laodicea and Hierapolis.

Epaphras is a beloved servant, faithful minister, and committed prayer warrior. May we follow his example.

What would it take for us to be a prayer warrior? And if always being in prayer isn’t our thing, what else can we do to serve God and advance his kingdom?

[Discover more about Epaphras in Colossians 1:6–8, Colossians 4:12–13, and Philemon 1:23–24.]

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