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Biblical People: Drusilla

Drusilla is Felix’s wife. She’s Jewish. He isn’t—or at least he doesn’t act like it. Drusilla only shows up once in the Bible, and it’s in the middle of the account about Governor Felix and the prisoner Paul.

Paul sits in prison under false charges and with a conspiracy to kill him hanging over his head. The jail is under the authority of Governor Felix. 

Several days after hearing Paul’s case and deciding not to issue a judgment, Felix and Drusilla visit with Paul. He tells them about Jesus. He teaches Felix and Drusilla about faith, righteousness, self-control, and the coming judgment. 

Paul’s words strike fear in Felix, but, as with the court case, Felix again delays making a decision. Paul languishes in jail for two years.

Though the Bible tells us Felix’s reaction to Paul’s teaching, we don’t know what Drusilla thinks. Is she convicted? Does she decide to believe in Jesus? Or is she unaffected by Paul’s words?

However, we know that spouses can influence each other. Drusilla could have encouraged her husband to do the right thing and release Paul. She also could have urged him to act on Paul’s teaching and follow Jesus. 

Though we don’t know if she tries either of these, we do know Felix doesn’t let Paul go. We also know that Felix doesn’t decide to follow Jesus. 

Drusilla may have been able to change either one of these situations and influence Felix to act. 

Are we doing all we can to inspire others to act justly and to follow Jesus?

[Discover more about Drusilla in Acts 24:24–27.]

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