Biblical People

Biblical People: Demetrius (2)

Luke writes about Demetrius (1), the silversmith, who opposes Paul and the followers of Jesus. 

But John writes about a different Demetrius, Demetrius (2), one highly esteemed. This occurs in John’s letter to his dear friend Gaius. The letter is a short message full of encouragement, affirmation, and teaching.

Then, inserted into the letter are two seemingly random and obscure sentences about Demetrius. Apparently Gaius knows Demetrius. Or maybe John anticipates the two of them will one day meet.

Of Demetrius, John simply writes, “Everyone speaks well of him.” Then John adds, “We do too, and we don’t lie.”

We don’t know why John feels it’s important to communicate this truth about Demetrius to Gaius. Even more so, we’re left to speculate why Demetrius is so highly esteemed. He must be a man of noble character and impeccable integrity.

Regardless, Demetrius is an example for us to emulate. For when we are well-spoken-of by everyone, we most effectively represent Jesus to them.

Do people speak well of us? If not, what should we do to change that?

[Discover more about Demetrius in 3 John 1:12.]

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