Biblical People

Biblical People: The Daughters-In-Law of Noah

Like Noah’s wife, we know little of the three daughters-in-law of Noah of Noah and can only speculate from their story in the Bible. Like their mother-in-law, Noah’s wife, we can reasonably assume they each stand by their men, supporting them in their questionable ark-constructing business and helping them to build the gigantic boat.

They, too, endure hardship, ridicule, and isolation as the people around mock and shun them.

When the flood comes, they get on the boat and live. Everyone else dies. All that’s left in the world are eight people, only four couples. Just like Eve and her husband, God tells these three women and their husbands to be fruitful and multiply. It’s a do-over for humanity, Creation 2.0.

From these three women come all future generations. The human race is saved. Nations form.

Though nameless, these three women give birth to the future of civilization. We are here today because of them.

Even if we remain nameless, what are we giving birth to? What are we making today for the generations of tomorrow? 

[Discover more about the daughters-in-law of Noah in Genesis 5–9, specifically Genesis 9:1, 7, 19, along with Genesis 1:22, 28.]

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