Biblical People

Biblical People: Damaris

Damaris is another woman whose name only appears once in the Bible. And we know only one thing about her. After Paul tells a group of people about Jesus, she believes. 

Luke writes that in addition to Damaris, Dionysius also believes, along with many others. But why is Damaris’s name recorded and most of the other new believers aren’t? We don’t know, but Luke must think it’s important we know that Damaris believes in Jesus.

While Damaris’s name is written in Scripture, Jesus says the names of others who serve him are written in heaven. Paul says the same thing. John warns about people whose names aren’t written in Jesus’s book of life and later commends those who are.

Although our name will never appear in the Bible, it can still be written in heaven and appear in Jesus’s book of life. Does yours?

[Discover more about Damaris in Acts 17:34. Also see Luke 10:20, Hebrews 12:23, Revelation 13:8, and Revelation 21:27.]

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