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Biblical People: Baruch (1)

Baruch, Jeremiah’s faithful scribe and assistant, is the son of Neriah, the son of Mahseiah. Since we know nothing about these two men, they give us little insight into the life of Baruch. All we know about him is what appears in the book of Jeremiah, a document that Baruch wrote most, or all, of at Jeremiah’s behest.

In addition to serving as Jeremiah’s scribe, Baruch also speaks on the prophet’s behalf when he cannot. This puts Baruch in the crosshairs of Jeremiah’s detractors. As a result, Baruch also suffers for doing God’s work.

The final time we read of Baruch in the book of Jeremiah is Jeremiah’s prophetic words about his scribe. Imagine taking dictation for a man of God and then writing down what the Almighty says about you. This short instruction from God, through Jeremiah, to Baruch ends with the Lord’s promise that wherever Baruch goes, God will let him escape with his life.

The book of Jeremiah notes that when the people flee to Egypt to avoid King Nebuchadnezzar’s assaults, they drag both Jeremiah and Baruch with them. But Baruch later resurfaces in Babylon and prophesies to God’s people there. In this we see the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy for his scribe.

Do we think that if we’re faithful to God, he will always rescue us? When faced with persecution for obeying our Lord, do we give up or persevere?

[Read Baruch’s story in Jeremiah 32:12–16; 36:4–32; 43:1–7; and 45:1–5. Discover more about Baruch’s time in Babylon from the apocryphal book of Baruch.]

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