Ten Most Difficult Books in the Bible

Just as I have favorite books in the Bible, I also have a few I struggle with. You’ll likely agree with some on my list, but others may surprise.

My least favorite books of the Bible are:

1) Leviticus is packed with laws, rules, and expectations. With patience, there’s much insight to discover. Yet, after a while, my eyes glaze over.

2) Deuteronomy repeats some of Leviticus and adds more. The implications are wonderful, but it’s a tough read for me.

3) Isaiah is loved my many with its frequent allusions to Jesus. Yet it’s also long and plodding for me to read.

4) Jeremiah is an interesting tale, but a discouraging read and may not be in chronological order, adding confusion.

5) Lamentations is a series of five poems or laments, formatted not unlike a funeral dirge. This is not my preferred genre.

6) Ezekiel contains perplexing visions and strange imagery. There’s a lot to unpack.

7) Psalms is essentially a prayer journal. It’s raw and honest, resonating with many, but often distressing me.

8) Hebrews contains incredible information connecting Jesus with the Old Testament, but I struggle to work through it.

9) John is the “go to” gospel for many people, but his poetic style doesn’t click with me.

10) Revelation is a book of an epic battle between good and evil. Good wins. The end. But the details weigh me down.

Which books would you take off my list or add to it?

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