Spirit, Soul, and Body

The Bible says that our being — our entity — is comprised of spirit, soul, and body.  That is something to contemplate.

At first glance, I’d be inclined to reverse the order, from the most tangible (body) to the least (spirit).

However, considering that God — who is spirit — made us in his image, it is appropriate to list spirit first, thereby making it foremost.  Seemingly, it is our spirit — not our body — where our primary essence exists.

My friend Nate explains it this way: We are a spirit, we have a soul (comprising of mind, will, and emotion), and we live in a body.

Our body, where our spirit and soul currently resides, is both temporal and temporary; it is finite and will one day end.

Our spirit, however, is not likewise restricted.  That is another thing to contemplate.

Could there be a spiritual realm that is more real than the physical realm in which we live?  I hope so; I think so.

[See 1 Thessalonians 5:23.]

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By Peter DeHaan

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