Remember God in the Good Times

As Moses prepares the Israelites to enter into the land God promised them, he reminds them of God’s instructions. Moses looks forward to the time when the people will live in cities they didn’t build, drink from wells they didn’t dig, and eat from fields they didn’t plant. They will be satisfied and he warns them to be careful and not forget God.

For many people, the hard times turn their focus to God. They seek answers, relief, and solace from someone greater then they, from God who can help them out of their predicament, whatever it may be.

However, during good times, many people tend to forget God. They become satisfied and think they’re self-sufficient. They forget it’s actually because of God that they’re living a good life.

Just as we seek God when life is bad, asking for his help, we need to remember God when life is good, thanking him for it.

[Deuteronomy 6:10-12]

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