Nehemiah and the Wall

Nehemiah was in exile.  Though some of his people had been repatriated, he remained in Babylon.  Those who returned, had rebuilt the temple, but the city walls (their protection from attack) were still in ruins.  Nehemiah sought the king’s permission and blessing to return and rebuild the wall.

So Nehemiah goes home, surveys the situation, and tells the people the self-obvious: The walls are in shambles; we are in danger.  Let’s rebuild the walls.

The people readily agree and begin working.  Fifty-two days later, they finish.

They had lived there for years, but without walls and they were vulnerable as a result.  Yet in 52 days, less than two months, the walls were rebuilt and they were much safer.

Why did is take so long to act?  Quite simply, there was a lack of leadership.  The need was there, the solution was there, the resources were there, but leadership was not.  It took Nehemiah’s leadership to make it happen.

The next time you hear, “Someone should do something about that,” recognize that as a lack of leadership.  Might you be that leader?

[Nehemiah 2:17-18, Nehemiah 6:15]

By Peter DeHaan

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